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Full Body Harness that can be used in a diverse number of applications like: Confined Space, Construction, Maintanence, General Industries, OGP, Mining and many others.
Thermatek BR Harness has multiple purpose in working at height and confined space adding a feature to protect against high heat temperature and welding.

'Attachment options:

  • Front Loops - Fall arrest, rescue
  • Dorsal - Fall arrest, suspension, positioning, restraint;                                                                      
  • Shoulder Loops - Suspension, confined space entry;                                                                          
  • Waist o Rings - Positioning, restraint;                                                                                          
  • Buckles are easy to adjust and do not slip during use;                                                                        
  • Built in load indicator or end of service life;                                                                                  
  • Worker capacity up to 140kg;                                                                                                      
  • All of the webbing for this harness is made from Paramid (Kevlar) , having a minimum static strength of 6000 lbf 

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