Our Quality

Quality Is Our Top Focus

There’s a reason MSA is known worldwide as “The Safety Company.” It’s because we harness precision engineering to craft the highest-quality safety products possible so people across the world are able to work in the safest environments possible.

Put simply, safety is our mission. We believe that concepting, designing, and building the best safety solutions means we must look beyond the bottom line. For starters, we invest more resources in safety research and engineering than any other company in our industry. Because we realize that our gear plays a crucial role for workers across the world. We know that the Firehawk® M7 Air Mask isn’t just another tool – it’s often the life-saving barrier between a firefighter and a scorching cloud of toxic fumes. And a Gravity® Harness is much more than a collection of straps and buckles – it may well save a construction worker from a deadly fall.

We’re proud of the work we do and we stand behind every product we make. Because we know people rely on us to protect their health and well-being. We work hard to earn the trust of our customers, and everything we do goes toward exceeding people’s expectations. As we often say at MSA, we make the world safer … one person at a time.