MSA G1 Industrial SCBA

Ready When You Are

MSA SCBA For Industrial

From the Firehouse to Your Facility

NIOSH and NFPA Respiratory Protection

An illustration of a firefighter standing outside of a firehouse, transitioning the G1 SCBA to an industrial worker at a plant

From the Fire House
to Your Facility

Chances are that your fire department has seen or switched to the G1 SCBA, which revolutionized the municipal and public fire service with breakthrough technology and comfort. This platform is now ready to meet the needs of your challenging work environment.

An icon of the G1 Industrial facepiece

Ready for Your Teams

The G1 Industrial SCBA makes adoption and acceptance easy. Your teams will appreciate a lightweight, comfortable facepiece with an 86% field of view. We also designed our facepiece to fit over 80% of users in a medium size, making deployment and adoption much simpler.

Icons of various industrial sites that the G1 can be used on, including confined spaces, an oil refinery, or utility site

Ready for Work

Whatever your application, the G1 Industrial SCBA offers unmatched comfort in a lightweight design. Chemical-resistant harness and cylinder options let you match your apparatus to your work, whether it be confined space, refining, hazmat, utililty, or standby needs.

By minimizing maintenance and maximizing comfort, the G1 platform allows users to maximize safety and manage a total respiratory program with a proven SCBA platform.


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