G1 Breathe: Situational Awareness

Situational Awareness

Thanks to modern, synthetic construction materials that burn hotter and faster, firefighters have less time to do their life-saving job1. That means when teams arrive at a structural fire, it's absolutely critical to share information quickly and accurately from minute one.

1Source: Hotter and Faster: How to Fight a Modern Fire, Patience Haggin, Time.com, July 2012.

The advanced features of the MSA G1 SCBA helps firefighters improve situational awareness with the ability to:

Speech bubble

Speak clearly via a standard, integrated, noise-cancelling voice amplifier

Icon of an eye

See through smoke with help from the G1's integrated TIC

Learn more about the iTIC
Icon of a meter

Keep better track of personal air progress and each other with advanced air management features

MSA G1 SCBA: Communications Explained

Safety isn't just about air supply; it's about being able to see, hear, and react to incredibly risky situations.

Hear Through Background Noise

  • Listen to voices instead of alarms: The system integrates an electronic voice amplifier that cancels out interference caused by background noise.
  • Hear more precisely: The amplifier is located on the SCBA instead of the facepiece for clearer communication.
  • No separate on-off switch: The amplifier is connected to a single, central battery located on the unit.
  • Expand communication range: The amplifier links wirelessly through Bluetooth to Motorola APX radios with no added cost.

Get Sight Back in Heavy Smoke

  • Always with the firefighter: The thermal imaging camera is integrated directly into the SCBA.
  • Less expensive: A fully integrated cameras means limited extra expense.
  • No more dead batteries: The camera connects to a centralized battery that operates the entire SCBA.
  • Single-unit operation: The entire SCBA operates as a unit with fewer wires to get snagged or stuck, and no extra power buttons to remember.

Get At-A-Glance Air Status

  • Easy to use: Exact air-time-remaining is displayed on each personal device.
  • Clear team communication: Remaining air data is transmitted directly to incident command.
  • Quickly identify an issue: Buddy lights can be seen around each team member to show firefighter stance (standing, on the ground, facing forward), while color-coded indictors show how air is tracking.

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