G1 Breathe: ROI

Return on Investment

Without a doubt, SCBA are a major investment - not only financially, but from a time perspective as well. The unit bought today may be the same one used 15 years from now.

The MSA G1 SCBA is the only SCBA that can be purchased today and confidently kept for the next 15 years. Its unique, technology-based platform allows users to add electronic capabilities quickly and easily via simple software updates, not added-on hardware.

Plus, the entire system is covered by the most complete 15-year industry warranty for more predictable budgeting.

Get new technology - without new hardware

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Add electronic capabilities quickly and easily

The G1's integrated technology platform updates with software, not bolted-on hardware.

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Confidently plan budgets

A standard 15-year warranty covers required maintenance and limits surprise spend.

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No more alkaline batteries

A rechargeable battery cuts down the need to buy, replace, and monitor a series of alkaline batteries.

The Nature of Firefighting is Evolving

See how modern fires and technology compare to firefighter protection of days past, and how MSA can help to keep your team safer.

Two clocks illustrate the change in time to flashover from the 1970's until today

MSA G1 SCBA Bluetooth Software Updates

MSA G1 SCBA Power Source

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