Custom Engineered Systems Designs for Fall Protection

MSA Customer Design & Specifications

Let our in-house team design the ideal fall protection system layout for your next project

Let Us Do the Heavy Lifting

MSA offers a free design and specification service that provides comprehensive support and advice for clients, architects, contractors, and specifiers. Following the hierarchy of fall protection and combining excellent technical knowledge with a clear understanding of the concept of worker safety at height, our in-house team can provide system designs for a variety of structures, including traditional horizontal systems, overhead/industrial systems, vertical systems, and WinGrip systems.

How We Can Help

Our in-house design team can help you design a complete custom fall protection system or assist you with specific design needs, including:

  • Assessing the risk
  • Selecting the right system
  • System applications
  • User competency
  • Product compatibility
  • Specifications (including NBS and Master Format)
  • Standard fixing details
  • Design layout guidelines
  • Alternative MSA products to meet your requirements

Complimentary 'Work at Heights' Proposal

A ‘Work at Height Proposal’ is supplied to all customers to offer information and advice on how to provide a complete fall protection solution. The proposal includes:

  • A full system design (using the information provided in the Design Questionnaire—see below)
  • Information on the MSA fall protection product range and how they are Fit-for-Purpose
  • Guidance on planning for rescue should a fall occur

Standard Specifications

Safety at height shouldn't be an eyesore for your building.

Supported by installer companies worldwide

The Design and Specification service is supported by a global network of installer companies who play a full and pro-active role in providing a complete solution for the chosen design, from installation, testing and certification through to maintenance of the system.

Fall Protection Systems Seminars - RIBA/AIA/AEC

Latchways is able to offer certain approved training in fall protection systems, including the "Understanding work at height legislation" RIBA CPD seminar, AIA presentations, and AEC seminars.

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