Working at Heights

Work safely at any height.

At MSA, we know that fall protection isn’t just about stopping falls. It’s about mitigating fall risk in the first place.

MSA Working at Heights Capabilities

Living (safely) on the edge.

Your job brings enough surprises. Leading edges shouldn't be one of them.

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Latchways Standard Self-Retracting Lanyards

Modern engineering and innovative design makes this one of the most advanced leading edge self-retracting lifelines available.

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There's little time to spare when it comes to suspension trauma.

It can take just a few minutes after sustained immobility for suspension trauma to occur. Now you can quickly lower yourself or others to the ground in a controlled descent.

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Anthron Descender

Significantly reduce rescue time with the lightweight MSA Latchways PRD.

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Harness the power of arc-flash fall protection.

Damage to people and property from an arc flash can be deadly. With self-extinguishing and electric arc-resistant personal fall protection equipment, MSA arc flash products stand up to the heat.

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The V-TEC Mini retactable lanyard is the most compact & lightweight self-retracting lanyard ever developed using multiple spring radial energy-absorbing technology.

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Remember, danger doesn't only lurk below you.

MSA hard hats offer industry-leading head protection, with the comfort you deserve.

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V-Gard Protective Hat

Trusted and worn by millions of loyal customers worldwide.

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Working at Heights: The MSA Difference

We know the challenges you face up high each day. We’ll help you come down safely.

Lanyards and lifelines that have your back.

You'll work without worry at any height on every job site. Our rigorously tested fall protection devices are:

  • Durable. Offer consistent, year-after-year performance in the toughest environments.
  • Innovative. The latest energy-absorbing technology and designs ensure you have the most advanced equipment on the market.
  • Easy to use. Simple and intuitive to operate, so it takes no time to get set up at the job site
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Latchways Standard Self-Retracting Lanyards

The Latchways Standard Self-Retracting Lanyard range offers a dependable means of fall protection and has been specifically designed for use in a number of different environments enabling an unhindered hands-free fall protection solution. Utilizing modern engineering and innovative design, they are the most advanced self-retracting lanyards on the market.

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Complex worksites, simplified solutions.

  • Customizable. Whether permanent or temporary, horizontal or vertical, there's a fall protection system that's just right for your job.
  • Adaptable. You'll find our systems used in aerospace, mining, oil and gas, fire service, construction, utilities, general industry, and more.
  • Cutting-edge. Our patented constant force technology makes design and installation easy without sacrificing energy absorption.
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Latchways Sealed Self-Retracting Lanyards

The Latchways Sealed Self-Retracting Lifeline range offers a dependable means of fall protection and has been specifically designed for use in harsh environments such as oil rigs, wind turbines and other offshore applications.

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The ultimate blend of comfort, strength, and safety

Harnesses aren't one-size-fits-all; there's an MSA harness to keep you safe, secure, and confident—wherever you're working:

  • Construction: All products offer a high level of comfort in work positioning applications.
  • Tower: Harnesses come with a comfort seat to make long work shifts more comfortable.
  • Derrick:Features a D-ring extender to keep you safe even on the smallest monkey board.
  • Arc Flash: 100% Kevlar webbing is fire-resistant and self-extinguishing.
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Workman® Harnesses

Quality, comfort, and value come together in the Workman line of products. Workman Full Body Harnesses feature lightweight components and durable webbing.

For corrosive environments, the Workman® Stainless Steel Full Body Harness comes equipped with stainless steel hardware.  Stainless steel components are resistant to harsh environments so they maintain durability when used in corrosive environments.

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