Welding safety products as tough as you—even as the sparks fly.

Stay protected from sparks, flames, flying debris, and anything else the job throws at you.

MSA's Welding Capabilities

Uncompromising protection so you can get the job done.

Protect your face from the hazards of welding, from impact to harmful dust and fumes.

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Welding Shields

Our durable, thermal plastic and nylon welding shields protect the eyes and face.

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Stay on your feet—and on your game—in any welding environment.

Fall protection solutions designed to hold up to the sparks, spatters, and rigors of welding.

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Thermatek Harness

Chemical- and heat-resistant Kevlar/Nomex webbing built to withstand harsh welding environments.

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Get advanced warning about the air around you.

MSA portable gas detectors help you know where danger is hiding.

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ALTAIR 4XR Multigas Detector

The toughest four-gas monitor on the market, backed by a four-year warranty.

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Limit exposure to fumes, particles, or contaminates.

Taking in hazardous welding fumes can be dangerous and debilitating. Here’s how to stay protected.

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Advantage 420 Half-Mask Respirator

Customized face piece and face seal design offers unmatched protection.

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Welding: The MSA Difference

Safety has been our business for over 100 years—and counting. You'll find decades of MSA welding safety and innovation in each of our products.

No one knows hard hats like MSA. No one knows welding like Miller.

  • Seamless integration. Miller welding shields and hard hat adapters are compatible with MSA hard hats and other V-Gard accessories.
  • Advanced technology. X-Mode auto-darkening technology dramatically increases welding safety and efficiency.
  • Efficient design. Ideal for confined-space welding applications thanks to lightweight, low-profile construction.
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V-Gard® Visors for Welding, Cutting and Brazing Applications

V-Gard polycarbonate shaded visors are thick and molded to protect against damage from impact, elevated temperatures, weld spatter and infrared (IR) radiation. Ideal for autogenous welding, metal pouring, gas soldering and light cutting/brazing, they’re engineered for heavy-duty use.

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State-of-the-art eyewear to keep you focused and protected.

  • Improved vision.Anti-fog, anti-scratch coatings help you see in dark, difficult conditions.
  • Reinforced protection.Engineered with splash and impact resistant materials.
  • Comfortable fit. Goggles come with padded, customized frames and indirect venting for cool comfort from circulating air.
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Streamgard Goggles

These high-coverage glasses protect against both ultraviolet rays and chemical splashes. Featuring wide strips for a comfortable fit, they offer excellent facial sealing. Designed with polycarbonate lenses and a PVC frame, they're an excellent choice for the laboratory environment.

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From hard hat adapter kits to visors and chin protectors, we have all the tools to customize your welding equipment for your every need.

  • Adapter kits. These kits make it easy to attach visors, goggles, and other accessories to MSA helmets.
  • Customizable visors. Visors for arc protection, high heat, welding and brazing, and more.
  • Attachable shields. When overhead protection is needed, our versatile shields can be attached to hard hats and worn comfortably over prescription glasses.
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