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While the environment and applications we work in continue to change, MSA remains vigilant in our commitment to worker safety. MSA understands that the job you do is critical and we are fully committed to protecting your health and safety. With that in mind we have created the V-Gard Barrier!

The V-Gard Barrier is a frame-less and lightweight solution that allows the user to quickly affix to our line of V-Gard, V-Gard Green or Smoothdome Caps.

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  • Helps protect the eyes, nose, and mouth against droplets and splash
  • A durable surface allows the unit to be cleaned/decontaminated after each use and put back into service. Average replacement cycle is 30 days.*
  • The clear lens allows for the user to maintain visibility of their work and surroundings

*Follow all instructions and perform daily, pre-, and post-use inspections