The MSA Latchways® Single Point Anchor range provides permanently fixed and removable anchor devices to which a worker can confidently and safely attach a connecting device. The MSA Latchways Single Point Anchors can be used in a wide variety of environments and applications, such as construction, general industry, power generation or transmission, wind energy, etc.

All the products within the MSA Latchways® Single Point Anchor range are manufactured from high-corrosion resistant stainless steel, quality checked with dye penetrant and X-Ray and meet all the latest international standards.

Latchways D-Ring Single Point Anchors:

  • Fixed or rotating variants available
  • Heavy Duty versions for high-load applications (i.e. rope access)
  • Can be supplied coated in a variety of colours
  • Application specific versions available (i.e. for transmission tower cross arms)
Latchways PushLock®
  • Consists of a permanently fixed socket and a removable eyebolt
  • Insertion or removal of the eyebolt is a two handed operation
  • Accidental removal of the eyebolt impossible.
  • The socket is suitable for installation in a variety of materials (i.e. brickwork, concrete and steelwork)
  • Socket caps available in brass finish, stainless steel and a range of colours.
  • The socket is discreetly capped when not in use.
  • Sockets are available for installation in cavity walls and suspended ceilings.
Mercados: Ferramentas, Construção Civil

Sujeito a alterações sem aviso prévio e pode divergir em função de configuração, número da peça e/ou país.
Entre em contato com o serviço de atendimento ao cliente ou verifique o selo de aprovação no produto para obter informações específicas sobre aprovação.

  • ANSI Z359.18-2017
  • OSHA 1910
  • EN 795:2012 Type A
  • EN 795:2012 Type B
  • BS 7883:2005
  • BS 8437:2005