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MSA's Latchways® Freestanding Constant Force post provides assured worker safety at height where there is an occasional or temporary requirement to access flat roofs or structures.

Temporary by design:
As a true temporary anchor point for fall protection, the MSA Latchways Freestanding Constant Force Post® is designed to rely solely on the friction. It does not require adhesives or other accessories that must be permanently fixed to the structure.

Easy to transport and set-up:
Modular in design and with integral carry handles, this portable anchor breaks down into segments that can be easily moved. The set-up only requires 8 bolts that are making the assemble process extremely easy and quick.

Highly usable:
With only 1m diameter, the design is truly compact, which is useful when space is limited on the roof due to rooflights or equipment that are reducing the usable area.

Built to last:
With extremely robust components and hardware, tear and wear is not a problem. Still, any product placed on the market is and will be serviced thanks to availability of spares and upgrade kits that are making the product readily adaptable for different applications.

No hidden costs:

All parts supplied are making this anchor fully functional. There is no need for additional materials, like concrete slabs or water that needs to purchased, transported and set-up separately.

Mercados: Construção Civil, Indústria geral, Mineração, Petróleo e gás, Ferramentas
Aplicações: trabalho em altura

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