Eye Protection

Altimeter Goggles

The Altimeter helps take the risk out of eye injury whether working with chemicals, sanding, building or more. Its hybrid design makes it ideal for universal use; its thoughtful features and durable construction make it ideal in hazardous environments. Comes with a split headband and a set of temples.
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Condor Goggles

These high-coverage glasses protect against both ultraviolet rays and chemical splashes. Featuring wide strips for a comfortable fit, they offer excellent facial sealing. Designed with polycarbonate lenses and a PVC frame, they�re an excellent choice for the laboratory environment.
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Harrier Goggles

These wide-vision goggles protect against ultraviolet rays, misting, splash and static. Compact and lightweight, these goggles also feature a strong polycarbonate lens and PVC frame. Creates a solid seal that keeps out splash and particulate. In-frame ventilation promotes air circulation for maximum comfort and wearability.
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