The economical, efficient MultiGard 5000 Gas Sampling System uses auto-standardization and flexible sample point order to analyze gas from up to 32 locations. Maintenance and calibration are made easy because all the work is performed at a single location, while also ensuring personnel don't have to enter the monitored area. The unit directly connects to Modbus TCP/BACnet IP networks, which allows communication to other equipment or controllers. The system allows secure viewing at one's personal computer. The screen provides easy access to scroll-down menus and visual indicators of sensor condition.

  • Gas samples are drawn from up to 32 remote locations and delivered to customer-selectable internal analyzers
  • Gas samples are sequentially delivered to internal analyzers
  • Modular construction allows simple installation and maintenance
  • Easy setup via front touch-screen panel display
  • Color video screen details system's condition
  • System can include up to four analyzers, reducing floor space, eliminating multiple systems, duplicate tubing, and unnecessary maintenance
  • Users can check data from personal computer
  • Options include discrete relays and Modbus TCP/BACnet IP output
Mercados: Indústria geral, Petróleo e gás, Ferramentas

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